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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is growing rapidly. Because of this growth, many jobs are being created at the local, state and federal level. This desirable field attracts many to its diverse job offerings, and those having college training have the best opportunities. WNC is providing ready employment opportunities to its students with a broad based Criminal Justice program, including associate degrees and certificates of achievement in law enforcement, 9-1-1 Dispatch Telecommunications, and a Criminal Justice transfer program for those seeking a baccalaureate degree.

Criminal Justice is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current CRJ course offerings:

CRJ-101 Introduction to Criminal Justice I
CRJ-102 Introduction to Criminal Justice II
CRJ-103 Communication Within the Criminal Justice Field
CRJ-104 Introduction to the Administration of Justice
CRJ-106 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ-109 Self-Defense
CRJ-120 Community Relations
CRJ-140 Elements of Supervision
CRJ-155 Juvenile Justice System
CRJ-164 Principles of Investigation
CRJ-205 L.E./P.O.S.T. Instructor Development
CRJ-211 Police in America
CRJ-214 Principles of Police Patrol Techniques
CRJ-215 Probation & Parole I
CRJ-220 Criminal Procedures
CRJ-222 Criminal Law and Procedure
CRJ-225 Criminal Evidence
CRJ-226 Prevention & Control of Delinquency
CRJ-230 Criminal Law
CRJ-234 Introduction to the Courts and American Legal System
CRJ-260 911 Dispatch Emergency Telecommunicator Academy
CRJ-265 Introduction to Physical Evidence
CRJ-266 Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy
CRJ-267 Medicolegal Death Investigation
CRJ-270 Introduction to Criminology
CRJ-285 Selected Topics In Administration of Justice
CRJ-290 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJ-295 Work Experience - Corrections
CRJ-296 Work Experience - Juvenile Justice
CRJ-297 Work Experience - Law Enforcement
CRJ-298 Work Experience - Probation and Parole