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Early Childhood Education

WNC’s Early Childhood Education program is an occupational preparation program which concentrates on the teaching skills needed to work with young children and parents. Students may earn an Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement oran Associate of Applied Science degree to help them gain employment in the child care or related field.

Some courses transfer to local colleges and universities, providing a “career ladder” opportunity for students who are seeking additional training for jobs in the care and education of infants, preschoolers and handicapped young children.

The curriculum includes experience with children to develop teaching skills; classes in human development and interpersonal relationships; and instruction on how to select, plan and present learning activities.

Successful completion of the Early Childhood Education certificate or associate degree is designed to qualify students for such employment opportunities as assistants, teachers and directors in child care centers; teachers and assistants in preschools; home day care providers and other child/family related careers.

Early Childhood Education is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current ECE course offerings:

ECE-121 Parent Care Relations
ECE-122 Observation Skills
ECE-123 Health & Nutrition For the Young Child
ECE-129 Environment For Infant & Toddler
ECE-133 Introduction to Managing Children's Behavior
ECE-151 Math In the Preschool Curriculum
ECE-152 Science in the Preschool Curriculum
ECE-153 Language Development in the Preschool
ECE-154 Literature For Preschool Children
ECE-155 Literacy and the Young Child
ECE-156 Music in the Preschool Curriculum
ECE-157 Art in the Preschool Curriculum
ECE-158 Activities in Physical Development in Young Children
ECE-167 Child Abuse & Neglect
ECE-168 Infectious Diseases and First Aid
ECE-198 Special Topics in Child Development
ECE-200 The Exceptional Child
ECE-204 Principles of Child Guidance
ECE-231 Preschool Practicum: Early Childhood Lab
ECE-235 Adapting Curricula to Young Children With Special Needs
ECE-240 Administration of Preschool
ECE-250 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE-251 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
ECE-295 Supervised Work Experience I