Career & Technical Education > Electrical Theory

General Information

  • Name: Wiring Techniques
  • Division: Career & Technical Education
  • Discipline: Electrical Theory
  • Units (Credits): 2.00
  • Course Attributes:
    • May not transfer towards an NSHE bachelor's degree
    • Non-applicable toward AA, AB or AS Degrees

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites(s): AIT 101
Introduces the concepts of industrial electrical. The course will deescribge the function of electrical prints, panels, the wiring between panels, and wire color coding. Students will be introduced to concepts in control system wiring fundamentals, wiring between and outside panels, panel wiring, wire bundling and experience a projetct in how to wire an elctrical machine.

Scheduled ELM-143 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no ELM-143 classes scheduled for this term.