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2017-2018 Catalog Year
ENG-282: Introduction to Language & Literary Expression

General Information

  • Name: Introduction to Language & Literary Expression
  • Discipline: English
  • Units (Credits): 3
  • Transfer Information: (Courses with numbers 100 to 299) This course is designed to apply toward a WNC degree and/or transfer to other schools within the Nevada System of Higher Education, depending on the degree chosen and other courses completed. It may transfer to colleges and universities outside Nevada. For information about how this course can transfer and apply to your program of study, please contact a counselor.
  • Academic Division: Liberal Arts
  • Recommended Prerequisites: ENG 102

Course Outline

I: Catalog Course Description

Explores the forms and function of language with special application to literary study.

II: Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the students should be able to:

  • Subject matter mastery: gaining factual knowledge (the history of the English language; terminology; changing language issues); learning fundamental principles, generalizations, and theories (language as a unique achievement of the human mind; language and the writing process; language and culture).
  • Development of general skills: developing skill in expressing oneself orally or in writing (through writing essays, engaging in class discussions, and presenting oral reports); learning how to find and use resources (by selecting and obtaining a book for the oral presentation, and using other materials in preparation for the oral report); learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments and points of view both from the textbook and in the classroom.
  • Personal Development: gaining a broader understanding and appreciation for the English language in a world-wide context; acquiring an interest in learning more by asking questions and seeking answers to support life-long learning.

III: Course Linkage

This course addresses the following Student Learning Objectives of the General Education Mission by ensuring that successful students:

  • Are able to demonstrate college level reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
  • Possess adequate problem solving, creative reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Can engage in meaningful self assessments and work effectively with others.
  • Utilize effective and efficient learning skills, including locating and evaluating sources of information.
  • Have knowledge of the subject matter to a level that is appropriate to the emphasis of their degree.
  • Develop and improve their creative abilities.
  • Appreciate the need for continuing education and lifelong learning.
  • Will succeed at transfer institutions.

Scheduled ENG-282 classes:

Fall 2017