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Electronics Technology

The Electronics Technology program is designed to train students in the specialized areas of electronics. Those now working in the electronics field will be able to upgrade their knowledge, while those wishing to enter the field may take advantage of a large selection of course offerings that will ensure a solid understanding of electronics.

Electronics Technology is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current ET course offerings:

ET-100 Survey of Electronics
ET-104 Fabrication and Soldering Techniques
ET-104 Fabrication and Soldering Techniques
ET-117 Computer Forensics
ET-131 DC for Electronics
ET-132 AC for Electronics
ET-155 Home Technology Convergence
ET-172 Semi-Conductor Devices
ET-198 Special Topics in Electronics
ET-200 Electronics Projects
ET-265 Fundamentals of Telecommunications
ET-285 ET Certification/Examination Prep