Liberal Arts > Geology

General Information

  • Name: Physical Geology Laboratory
  • Division: Liberal Arts
  • Discipline: Geology
  • Units (Credits): 1.00

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: GEOL101 & MATH120,MATH126 or higher, or consent of instructor (GEOL 101 may be taken concurrently)

Offers experimental and in-depth investigations designed to illustrate fundamental principles of geology.

II: Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the successful student will have learned to apply course material (to improve thinking, problem solving and decisions) in PHYSICAL GEOLOGY LABORATORY.

III: Course Linkage

General Education:

The mission of general education at WNC is to provide students who complete degrees and certificates of achievement with critical life skills that will benefit them in their personal and professional endeavors. GEOL 103: PHYSICAL GEOLOGY LABORATORY addresses the general education student learning outcome:

  • Understand the methods of science and the role of science and technology in the modern world.

Program A.S. Geosciences:

GEOL 103, along with GEOL 101, fills a degree requirement for the Associate of Science with Geoscience emphasis. The mission of the Associate of Science-Geoscience emphasis is to provide a strong foundation in earth and physical sciences, and prepare students for transfer into many disciplines, including geology, geography, environmental science, and science teaching. GEOL 103 addresses the program student learning outcome:

  • Have gained a basic understanding of: physical processes operating on and within the Earth, including plate tectonics and formation of rocks and minerals; common rocks and minerals identification.

Scheduled GEOL-103 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no GEOL-103 classes scheduled for this term.