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Geology students learn about the wide range of internal and external earth processes that shape our world. In geology, students study topics such as rocks and minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides, all topics that affect us here in northern Nevada.

Geology is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current GEOL course offerings:

GEOL-100 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Natural Disasters
GEOL-101 Exploring Planet Earth
GEOL-102 Earth and Life Through Time
GEOL-103 Physical Geology Laboratory
GEOL-105 Introduction to Geology of National Parks
GEOL-111 Geology of Death Valley National Park
GEOL-112 Geology of Eastern Sierra
GEOL-113 Geology of Lassen Volcanic National Park
GEOL-114 Geology of Lava Beds National Monument
GEOL-127 Prehistoric Life
GEOL-201 Geology of Nevada
GEOL-299 Special Topics in Geology