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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. Recommended: GRC 103 and GRC 183..
Introduction to authoring for the World Wide Web using industry standard software applications. Topics covered include planning, designing and building a Web site, aesthetics, creating and optimizing computer graphics for Web, information architecture, navigation and interactivity, Web publishing, Web hosting and site management. Knowledge of the following basic computer skills required: saving, opening, and printing documents, opening and closing applications, creating and managing folders and subfolders, viewing the contents of disk drives and external storage devices, managing desktop items.

II: Course Objectives

Students are required to learn the fundamentals of Adobe Dreamweaver and to incorporate design principles into their web sites. Students should already have basic knowledge of the Windows platform. Upon completion of the course, students will acquire an understanding of:

  • Identify terminology, concepts, principles, and practices from the range of topics important to web design (ISLO1) (GE1)
  • Operate design software and build websites (ISLO7)
  • Integrate knowledge and skills to analyze and evaluate website designs (ISLO6) (GE6)

Scheduled GRC-175 classes:

Fall 2019