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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: GRC183.
Studies advanced applications of graphics software to build design projects. Covers layout and typography as well as pixel and vector-based software.

II: Course Objectives

The information in the parentheses after a course objective refers to either the specific general education (GE) learning outcome or the Institutional Student Learning Outcome (ISLO) that the objective meets. Objectives without this information are not linked to either general education or institutional student learning outcomes.

Upon successful course completion, the student will have demonstrated they can:

  • Apply terminology, concepts, principles, and practices from the range of topics important to graphic design (ISLO1) (GE1)
  • Implement design principles, build projects, and operate design software (ISLO7)
  • Integrate knowledge and skills to analyze and evaluate designs (ISLO6) (GE6)

Scheduled GRC-283 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no GRC-283 classes scheduled for this term.