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History is the study of past human events and activities through the study of written documents and what is physically preserved. As a field of study, history encompasses many subfields and ancillary fields, including chronology, historiography, genealogy, paleography and cliometrics.

History is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current HIST course offerings:

HIST-101 United States History to 1877
HIST-102 United States History 1877 to Present
HIST-105 European Civilization to 1648
HIST-106 European Civilization 1648 to Present
HIST-111 Survey of U.S. Constitutional History
HIST-207 Discover Nevada
HIST-208 World History I
HIST-209 World History II
HIST-217 Nevada History
HIST-225 Introduction to the Vietnam War
HIST-247 Introduction to the History of Mexico
HIST-285 History of Witchcraft
HIST-295 Special Topics: History