Liberal Arts > Humanities/Humanistic Studies

General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Offers an interdisciplinary approach to the humanities. Students study major works in art, music, literature, and philosophy with historical framework.

II: Course Objectives

Upon course completion students are expected to:

  • Identify and explain major cultural forms at the introductory level.
  • Express humanistic concepts and express knowledge of artistic and musical forms through evaluation of written and oral work appropriate for a university-parallel course.
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with cultural diversity in artistic, musical and literary forms.

III: Course Linkage

The general education mission emphasizes the core life skills of communication, analysis, personal development and community commitment. HUM 101 relates to each of these four components of the general education mission in the following ways:


  • Demonstrate college level written and oral communications skills appropriate to their degree or certificate.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate critical thinking skills.

Personal Development:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use effective and efficient learning skills
  • Develop creative capacities

Community Commitment:

  • Appreciate the value and importance of the vital role of the fine arts and humanities in the development of cultural values.

Scheduled HUM-101 classes:

Fall 2019