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The Mathematics program has been designed to place students on a career track toward mathematics, either as a university major or as preparation for a teaching career. An associate degree in mathematics offers a student flexibility in future academic endeavors and career opportunities.

Mathematics is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current MATH course offerings:

MATH-100 Math For Allied Health Programs
MATH-110 Mathematics for Industry
MATH-120 Fundamentals of College Mathematics
MATH-122 Number Concepts For Elementary School Teachers
MATH-123 Statistical & Geometrical Concepts For Elementary School Teachers
MATH-126 Precalculus I
MATH-127 Precalculus II
MATH-128 Precalculus and Trigonometry
MATH-176 Introductory Calculus For Business & Social Sciences
MATH-181 Calculus I
MATH-182 Calculus II
MATH-251 Discrete Mathematics I
MATH-253 Matrix Algebra
MATH-283 Calculus III
MATH-285 Differential Equations
MATH-299 Directed Study
MATH-330 Linear Algebra
MATH-90 Elementary Arithmetic
MATH-91 Basic Mathematics
MATH-92 Algebra Review
MATH-93 Pre Algebra
MATH-95 Elementary Algebra
MATH-96 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-96D Algebra Review for MATH126