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Machine Tool Technology

The Machine Tool Technology program provides training for students who plan to enter the machine trades field and upgrading for those in the field who desire additional skills. The program is competency based, allowing students to enter at their own level and progress at their own pace. Hands-on learning is stressed, allowing students to take as many laboratory hours as possible.

Machine Tool Technology is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current MTT course offerings:

MTT-105 Machine Shop I
MTT-106 Machine Shop Practice I
MTT-110 Machine Shop II
MTT-111 Machine Shop Practice II
MTT-230 Computer Numerical Control I
MTT-232 Computer Numerical Control II
MTT-250 Machine Shop III
MTT-251 Machine Shop Practice III
MTT-260 Machine Shop IV
MTT-261 Machine Projects
MTT-262 Machine Shop Practice IV
MTT-291 CNC Practice
MTT-292 Computer-Aided Manufacturing I
MTT-293 Computer-Aided Manufacturing II
MTT-295 Work Experience