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2017-2018 Catalog Year
MUS-121: Music Appreciation

General Information

  • Name: Music Appreciation
  • Discipline: Music
  • Units (Credits): 2–3
  • Transfer Information: (Courses with numbers 100 to 299) This course is designed to apply toward a WNC degree and/or transfer to other schools within the Nevada System of Higher Education, depending on the degree chosen and other courses completed. It may transfer to colleges and universities outside Nevada. For information about how this course can transfer and apply to your program of study, please contact a counselor.
  • Academic Division: Liberal Arts
  • Prerequisites: None

Course Outline

I: Catalog Course Description

Analyzes styles and forms of music from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century, and discusses musical instruments and major composers.

II. Course Objectives and Linkage to General Education Program

The information in the parentheses after a course objective refers to the specific general education (GE) learning outcome that the objective meets. Objectives without this information are not linked to WNC’s general education program.

By the completion of the class, the students should, with an accuracy of 75%:

  • Identify the representative forms, styles and major composers from all of the eras of music history. (GE 1)
  • Describe approaches in musical style that correspond to trends in art and literature (GE 1, 6)
  • Use critical thinking to aurally identify music by era. (GE 6)

III. Topics

  • Basic elements of music
  • Music through the Middle Ages
  • Renaissance Music
  • Baroque Music
  • Classical Music
  • Romantic Music
  • Music of the 20th Century, including neo-classical, jazz, rock, musical theater and avant-garde

Scheduled MUS-121 classes:

Fall 2017