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Students of music learn about the history of music, music theory and composition and the performance of one or more instruments. Classes cover such topics as musical styles, ear training and performance.

Music is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current MUS course offerings:

MUS-103 Voice Class I
MUS-104 Voice Class II
MUS-107 Guitar Class I
MUS-108 Guitar Class II
MUS-111 Piano Class I
MUS-112 Piano Class II
MUS-121 Music Appreciation
MUS-124 History of The American Musical Theatre
MUS-125 History of Rock Music
MUS-134 Jazz Appreciation
MUS-176 Musical Theatre Practicum
MUS-215 Technique of Songwriting
MUS-224 Special Studies in Music Literature
MUS-233 Recording Techniques and MIDI I
MUS-253 Jazz Improvisation I
MUS-276 Musical Theatre Practicum
MUS-299 Special Topics in Music