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The Academic Skills Test for the 2016-17 selection criteria, for entrance into the nursing program for fall 2017, will be the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) Admission Assessment examination. Students must complete the HESI exam at WNC during the spring 2017 semester to be considered for admission for the fall 2017 nursing program.

There will be no minimum score required on any areas of the HESI exam for the fall 2017 nursing program admission. Students will be given 0 – 4 points depending on their overall score.

Further information regarding the HESI exam and dates it will be offered will be posted by the end of fall 2016 semester.

Nursing is a discipline in the Nursing and Allied Health division.

Current NURS course offerings:

NURS-130 Nursing Assistant
NURS-136 Foundations of Nursing Theory
NURS-137 Foundations of Nursing Laboratory
NURS-141 Foundations of Nursing Clinical
NURS-147 Health Assessment Theory
NURS-148 Health Assessment Laboratory
NURS-149 Mental Health and Illness Theory
NURS-151 Mental Health and Illness Clinical
NURS-152 Foundations of Pharmacology in Nursing I
NURS-153 Foundations of Pharmacology in Nursing II
NURS-156 Foundations of Pharmacology in Nursing III
NURS-165 Medical Surgical Nursing I Theory
NURS-166 Medical Surgical Nursing I Laboratory
NURS-167 Medical Surgical Nursing I Clinical
NURS-261 Nursing Care of the Family from Conception through Adolescence (Theory)
NURS-262 Nursing Care of Family from Conception to Adolescence (Lab/Clinical)
NURS-270 Advanced Clinical Nursing I Theory
NURS-271 Advanced Clinical Nursing I Clinical
NURS-276 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing II Theory
NURS-277 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing II Clinical
NURS-284 Role of the ADN Manager of Care
NURS-285 Special Topics: Nursing
NURS-285 Special Topics: Nursing
NURS-40 Infacility Nursing Assistance Program