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Recreation & Physical Education

Recreation and physical education is the interdisciplinary study of all areas of science relating to the transmission of physical knowledge and skills to an individual or group, the application of these skills and their results. Included, among other subjects, are aspects of anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology and sociology.

Recreation & Physical Education is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current PEX course offerings:

PEX-105 Scuba
PEX-107 Swimming
PEX-112 Baseball
PEX-117 Golf
PEX-122 Racquetball
PEX-125 Softball
PEX-127 Tennis
PEX-130 Backpacking
PEX-136 Snowboarding
PEX-139 Wilderness Skills
PEX-142 Judo
PEX-143 Karate
PEX-148 Tai Chi
PEX-151 Bicycling
PEX-154 Dance
PEX-159 Horsemanship
PEX-169 Yoga
PEX-170 Aerobics
PEX-172 Body Contouring and Conditioning
PEX-176 General Physical Fitness
PEX-180 Strength Training
PEX-183 Weight Training
PEX-184 Conditioning, Intercollegiate Athletics
PEX-193 Intercollegiate Soccer
PEX-199 Special Topics