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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisite: None. Recommended: Completion or corequisite of ENG 101 or eligibility to enroll in ENG 101.
Explores policy making institutions, foreign policies and politics of various nations.

II. Course Objectives and Linkage to General Education Program

The information in the parentheses after a course objective refers to the specific general education (GE) learning outcome that the objective meets. Objectives without this information are not linked to WNC’s general education program.

Students who pass this course must demonstrate they can:

  1. Identify important terminology, concepts, principles, themes, and major content areas in international relations. (GE 1)
  2. Write quality essays and assignments. (GE 2)
  3. Locate, evaluate, and appropriately use information from multiple resources to complete assignments and papers. (GE 4)
  4. Draw a conclusion about how to solve a significant contemporary or enduring international relations problem, and present a rational defense of the conclusion. (GE 6)

III. Topics

  • Trend and Transformation in World Politics.
    1. Exploring World Politics.
    2. Theories of World Politics.
    3. Theories of International Decision Making.
  • The Globe’s Actors and Their Relations.
    1. Rivalries and Relations among the Great Powers.
    2. The Global South in a World of Powers.
    3. Nonstate Actors and the Quest for Global Community.
  • Confronting Armed Conflict.
    1. The Threat of Armed Conflict to the World.
    2. The Pursuit of Power through Arms and Alliances.
    3. The Quest for Peace through International Law and Collective Security.
  • Human Security, Prosperity, and Responsibility.
    1. The Globalization of International Finance.
    2. International Trade in the Global Marketplace.
    3. The Demographic and Cultural Dimensions of Globalization.
    4. The Promotion of Human Development and Human Rights.
    5. Global Responsibility for the Preservation of the Environment.
  • Thinking about the Future of World Politics.
    1. Looking Ahead at Global Trends and Transformations.

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Fall 2019

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