Liberal Arts > Reading

General Information

  • Name: Reading and Improvement
  • Division: Liberal Arts
  • Discipline: Reading
  • Units (Credits): 3.00

I. Catalog Course Description

Improves fundamental reading skills, including word-attack skills, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, and interpretation.

II: Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the students should be able to:

  • Identify and utilize various reading strategies (before, during, and after reading) for pre-college level and college level tests.
  • Adopt and evaluate cognitive and metacognitive ways to be an efficient reader (reading rates, skimming, scanning).
  • Expand vocabulary usage by learning word parts (suffixes, roots, and prefixes) and how to use context clues.
  • Identify main ideas (both stated and implied) of diverse texts.
  • Communicate about diverse texts in a variety of different ways.
  • Interpret an author’s purpose and tone.
  • Distinguish between facts and opinions in various texts.
  • Develop note taking skills as a reading strategy.

III: Course Linkage

  • Have college-level skills in reading, writing, and oral communication appropriate to their degree and/or emphasis;
  • Have problem solving, creative, and critical thinking skills;
  • Have effective and efficient learning skills, including the location and evaluation of information;
  • Understand the importance of cultural traditions, diversity, and ethics in the modern world.

Scheduled READ-95 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no READ-95 classes scheduled for this term.