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For a democratic republic to survive, Thomas Jefferson noted that the nation’s citizenry must be informed. To keep informed and vote intelligently, citizens must be able to read — newspapers, magazines, fliers, e-mails and more. Television does not provide enough specific information to sustain our democracy.

For students to succeed in their academic pursuits, they must also be able to read textbooks, articles, handouts, and other college information. All of the courses offered at Western Nevada College require reading, so taking a reading course can only improve a student’s chance of success.

Therefore, read better and improve job prospects; read better and improve grade point averages; and read better and improve life’s opportunities! Regardless of a student’s major, improving reading can lead to better performance in school, at work, and with life in general.

Reading is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current READ course offerings:

READ-135 College Reading Strategies
READ-93 Reading Improvement
READ-95 Reading and Improvement