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Theatre students study plays and other dramatic works and their production. Classes cover such topics as theatre history, playwriting, and acting and directing, as well as lighting, scenery and costume design.

Theatre is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current THTR course offerings:

THTR-100 Introduction to Theater
THTR-105 Introduction to Acting I
THTR-108 Introduction to Playwriting
THTR-116 Musical Theatre Dance
THTR-121 Makeup for the Actor
THTR-176 Musical Theatre Workshop I
THTR-180 Cinema as Art & Communication
THTR-198 Special Topics in Theater
THTR-199 Play Structure & Analysis I
THTR-204 Theatre Technology I
THTR-205 Introduction to Acting II
THTR-209 Theatre Practicum
THTR-219 Projects in Technical Theater
THTR-240 Acting for the Camera
THTR-247 Beginning Improvisation
THTR-258 Theatre Experience and Travel
THTR-276 Musical Theatre Workshop II