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The Welding Technology program is a preparation program which offers students competencies to prepare for code exams. This allows students with varying degrees of competencies to enter the program and progress at their own pace. Students are encouraged to obtain as many lab hours as possible to ensure their skill development.

Welding is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current WELD course offerings:

WELD-111 Beginning Welding for Art
WELD-112 Beginning Ornamental Ironworking
WELD-115 Welding Inspection and Testing Principles
WELD-121 Advanced Welding for Art
WELD-122 Advanced Ornamental Ironworking
WELD-151 Metallurgy I
WELD-159 Ultrasonic Testing Level I
WELD-198 Special Topics in Welding
WELD-211 Welding I
WELD-212 Welding I Practice
WELD-221 Welding II
WELD-222 Welding II Practice
WELD-224 Welding Projects
WELD-231 Welding III
WELD-232 Welding III Practice
WELD-241 Welding IV
WELD-242 Welding IV Practice
WELD-250 Welding Certification Preparation
WELD-259 Ultrasonic Testing Level II
WELD-290 Internship in Welding