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2017 – 18 Fees

Summer 2017 Fees

Lower-Division Upper Division
Registration Fees $98.00 per unit $158.50 per unit
Technology Fees $5.50 per unit $5.50 per unit
Excess Credit Fee $49 per unit $79.25 per unit

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Fees

Lower-Division Upper Division
Registration Fees $95.00 per unit $155.50 per unit
Technology Fees $6.50 per unit $6.50 per unit

Additional Fees May be assessed as follows:

Lower-Division Upper Division
Non-Resident, part-time $104.50 per unit $171 per unit
Non-Resident, full-time $3389 flat fee for lower or upper division
Non-Resident, WUE $47.50 per unit $77.75 per unit
Non-Resident, Distance Ed Only $47.50 per unit $77.75 per unit
Excess Credit Fee $47.50 per unit $77.75 per unit
Fast Track (High School Enrollment) $50 fee per class
(registration and technology fees are not charged for Fast Track classes)

Explanation of Fees:

Registration and Technology fees

Registration and technology fees are applied to all credit classes, except for Fast Track. The fees to audit are the same as the fee to register for credit. The technology fee is used to fund technology needs in computing, information delivery systems and enables WNC to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.


Non-Resident Fees

Students who are classified as non-resident for tuition purposes will pay an additional per unit fee if enrolled for 6 units or less, or an additional flat fee if enrolled in over 6 units during the fall and spring semesters. Non-resident fees are not assessed during summer semesters.


Non-Resident Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

Through the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, students who are bona fide residents of WUE approved states may enroll at a non-resident reduced tuition level of 150 percent of the college’s regular resident tuition. Students must apply for WUE status prior to the start of their first semester (matriculation) at WNC and be approved for the reduced non-resident rate. Students attending Lake Tahoe Community College may apply for this status at any time.


Non-Resident: Distance Education Only

Students classified as out of state residents and enroll exclusively in distance education classes (internet) and reside outside of Nevada during the same semester are charged an additional per unit distance education fee.


Excess Credit Fee

A 50 percent Excess Credit Fee is charged to degree/certificate seeking students who have accrued attempted credits equal to 150 percent of the credits required for the student’s program of study.


Fast-Track (High School Enrollment)

Fast Track classes are open only to Nevada high school students enrolled in selected distance education classes (internet and interactive video). Eligible students will pay a discounted fee of $50 per class. See a high school counselor for details.


Application Fee

All new students who apply for admission are charged a one-time $15 fee when they register for classes. This fee is not deferrable or refundable even if classes are full, dropped, or cancelled.


Late Payment Fee

Students who register for a full-term class after the second week of the semester must submit late Registration form with instructor permission through the fourth week of the semester. If enrollment is approved a late payment fee of $25 will be assessed. Late enrollment in short-term classes is also subject to a late payment fee.


Late Payment Plan Fee

WNC offers payment plan options for any student who is enrolled in six or more units during the fall and spring semesters. The first payment must be made in full by the deadline. Subsequent late payments are assessed a fee of $10 or 10% of the balance, whichever is greater. Students are responsible for the unpaid plan balance.


Lab Fee

A lab fee is charged for most laboratory classes and many other classes that require art supplies or other items.


Web Lab Fee

A $5 lab fee is charged for all web based classes to cover additional technology costs.


Video Lab Fee

A lab fee is charged for most interactive video distance education classes to cover technology costs.


Nursing Differential Fee

Students in the nursing program will be charged a differential fee of $60 per unit for all nursing courses (excluding NURS 129 and 130).


Application for Graduation Fee

A $25 fee is charged to apply for graduation. This fee is non-refundable even if a student does not fulfill graduation requirements.