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Catalog Years

WNC Students – Do you know what catalog you should be following for your degree or certificate requirements?

Requirements for degrees and certificate of achievements can change with each academic catalog. There are specific policies that dictate which catalog and resulting set of degree/certificate requirements you may follow.

Each WNC catalog is effective for the fall, spring and subsequent summer terms. Only the most current catalog is available online.

WNC students have three choices for selecting a catalog year:

  1. A student may select the catalog year under which he/she initially enrolls and completes a course.
  2. A student may select the catalog year when he/she officially declares a program of study for the first time (this option is available only if the degree was declared fall 2007 or later)
  3. A student may select the catalog year under which he/she will complete the curriculum requirements for a degree/certificate and applies for graduation.

There are time limits to the catalog choices, including:

  1. In no case may students use a catalog which is more than six years old at the time of graduation (ten years for the BTECH degree). Students who fail to complete degree/certificate curriculum requirements within six years of their initial enrollment may use the next catalog in effect dating six years after their initial enrollment (ten years for the BTECH degree).
  2. Students applying to the nursing program must follow the catalog in effect at the time the enrollment application is submitted.
  3. If a degree or major is offered for the first time after a student has enrolled, the student may choose the catalog year in which the degree or major was first offered.

Students who are not sure which catalog year to follow are highly encouraged to meet with a counselor. Counselors can provide students with degree requirements from previous catalog years.

If a program offering a degree or certificate of achievement is discontinued, students will have six years to still obtain the degree or certificate if they are able to fulfill all requirements. WNC will work with students pursuing a discontinued program providing students declared the program as their educational objective and can demonstrate that they were making progress completing course requirements prior to the discontinuation of the program. Once a program has been discontinued, students may no longer declare the program as their educational objective.

Questions about catalog years may be directed to Admissions and Records at 775-445-3277 or