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Class Schedule

Find Late Start Classes Now!

To find a late start class, search group results by “Short Term Classes”. A few short term classes offered are CPD123, IS101, and PSC100 – all with a start date of March 25th! Find more late start classes below.

New Student Checklist

New students can follow this checklist to help start college off on the right foot!

Current/Returning Student Checklist

Returning students can use these tips to stay on track.

Introducing the Wish List

Want to take a class, but found out it’s full? Fill out the Wish List!

Select the class you want to take to view the class details. Press the “Add to Wish List” button and enter your Student ID, and you’ll be added to the list.

The Wish List will help us keep track of interest in full classes. If there is enough interest we may open a new section and give you the opportunity to enroll.

Fall 2019

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