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Driver Education

New drivers can prepare for the challenges of driving (and driver license testing) in the Western Nevada College Driver’s Education Program. The program offers both in person and online course options, and both options meet the Department of Motor Vehicles’ training requirements to obtain a Nevada driver’s license.

In-Person Driver Education Class

This course meets 4 days for 30 total hours of classroom training, and is open to students age 15 and older. The course uses lectures, videos and interactive activities to teach Nevada driving regulations, basic vehicle control, and driving maneuvers in various environments and situations. The comprehensive course also discusses the added challenges of inexperience. Guest speakers bring a wealth of knowledge in the areas of traffic safety, car maintenance and insurance.

A half-hour lunch break is provided during the day. Students must bring their lunch as college food services are not available.

Cost $100

Please Note: This is a non-refundable class and payment is due at time of registration.

Online Driver Education Class

This fully online course fulfills the state of Nevada DMV’s requirement for 30 hours of classroom instruction for teen driver’s education. The program offers a unique, fun curriculum that takes the “dull” out of Driver Education. Throughout this course, we use pictures, videos, graphs and quizzes to keep students engaged and ensure they absorb the important information.

Cost $19.99


At this time, we do not offer behind-the-wheel training.

That’s up to you! Students are not required to take driver’s education before applying for their permit, but the course will help prepare them for the written test that they must pass before receiving their Instructional Permit. Students must have an Instructional Permit for at least 90 days before receiving their driver’s license.

Thirty hours of classroom training is required by the Nevada DMV for teens to obtain a driver’s license. Both of our courses fulfill that requirement.

For our in-person course, students must be at least 15 years old by the last day of the class.
For our online course, students must be at least 15 years old before enrolling.

Both courses meet the State of Nevada DMV’s requirements for teens to obtain a driver’s license. The online course offers greater flexibility for students with busy schedules, as they can work on the course anytime from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

The in-person course offers more structure for teens who prefer face-to-face instruction. Our experienced instructors keep students engaged and on-task, and we bring in speakers from the community to help prepare teens for the responsibilities of driving.

Most insurance companies will provide students with a discount for taking a 30-hour driver education course. Students should check with their insurance provider to clarify their individual policy.

You will have up to 6 hours per day to actively work on your course.

Yes. All students must take this course in order to receive their driver’s license, unless there is not a course available within a 30-mile radius of their residence.

You make take the course online, or you may complete an additional 50 hours of driving experience (for a total of 100 hours).

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Lauren Slemenda

TitleCommunity Education Coordinator
DepartmentLibrary and Instructional Technology
OfficeCarson City Joe Dini Library and Student Center Room 217