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Counseling Services

WNC Counselors are available throughout the school year to help students and community members make important decisions regarding educational goals and career directions.

Counseling Services

WNC offers a variety of counseling services as an integral part of each student’s educational experience, including the following:

  • Assist students in developing educational plans for certificate of achievement and degree programs
  • Monitor students’ academic progress each semester by determining classes completed verses classes needed for program completion
  • Link to career resources such as Career Finder
  • Provide information about transferring to other colleges
  • Assist with personal counseling and resources
  • Explain college policies and procedures
  • Review Financial Aid Appeal Form and Academic Plan
  • Review Excess Credit Fee Appeal Form
  • Assist with completion of Veterans Data Form (required each semester)
  • Encourage and support goal fulfillment

Have Questions?

Schedule a telephone appointment with a staff member by going to our counseling scheduling app at

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