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Orientation Information & FAQs

The purpose of this page is to provide basic information that is important for new students to know; it isn’t meant to replace the in-person orientation. However, if you cannot attend an orientation, the combination of webpage links below will help in your transition as a new student at Western Nevada College.

Attending WNC

Why choose WNC?

Every day, you make choices. When you think about college, you’ll want to choose an educational path that helps you develop your personal potential and leads to a good career.

Explore WNC

How do I apply to WNC and register for classes?

The checklist to success is here to help make your transition to college as easy as possible. Reviewing this step by step guideline will add structure to and increase your knowledge of college enrollment processes. This is a great place for new students to start!

New Student Checklist

What degrees and certificates does WNC offer?

Western Nevada College offers courses, degree programs and certificates to meet a variety of educational goals and interests. Many of our programs are in high growth career fields.

Degrees at WNC

What are the important dates and deadlines?

The academic calendar has all the important dates, deadlines, registration and fee payment information for each semester.

Academic Calendar

How much does it cost to attend WNC?

Fee payment information for each semester is available in the academic calendar.


What is even exchange of credits?

Students who want to drop and add full-term classes for the same amount of credits may request an even exchange of credits by submitting a special enrollment authorization form to Admissions and Records.

Even Exchange Request

Getting Help

Can I get help with my classes?

The WNC Academic Skills Center offers tutors in a variety of subjects.

Academic Skills Center

Is there a class I can take that will help me to develop effective study skills?

Yes. Check out our Strategies for Academic Success (EPY 150) class.

EPY 150

Services for Students

What Student Services are available?

Western Nevada College offers a diverse set of departments and programs geared to help students succeed. These resources will help you before, during and after you become a student.

Student Services

Is there a library available?

Yes, there is a library at the Carson City and Fallon campuses. Books can be delivered to other locations as well.


Does WNC offer childcare?

Yes. The Child Development Center has childcare available for students and staff of WNC.


Where do I get a student ID?

Student IDs are available at the Student Center, First Floor of the Dini Library building.

Student IDs

What services does WNC’s Public Safety Department engage in?

The Public Safety Department provides for the safety and security of people and property of Western Nevada College.

Campus Safety

Student Life

Are there any activities for students?

Check out the student life page for information on events, clubs, and more.

Student Life

Are there student clubs and organizations at the college?

Yes, there are numerous clubs and organizations actively engaged in events on campus.

Are on-campus computer labs available for student use?

Yes, there are computer labs all campus locations and some rural centers.

Computer Labs