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Internship Procedures and Responsibilities

The Western Nevada College’s Internship Program seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between students, employers, and the college. Although the site supervisor in involved in the internship experience, the intern will be directly supervised by the Faculty Internship Coordinator. The responsibilities of each participant are:


Intern – Before you begin the Internship:

  • Secure the internship and discuss your plans with your faculty internship coordinator
  • Inform the site supervisor of the start and end dates of the internship and of any academic requirements that might require absence from work
  • Complete the internship application process to ensure proper academic registration of the internship
  • Complete and verify registration.

Intern – During the internship:

  • Report to the work site as scheduled and on time
  • Meet weekly with faculty internship coordinator
  • Meet all assignments with accuracy and diligence
  • Maintain good communication with the site supervisor
  • Complete 45 hours for each semester hour registered with WNC and report hours to faculty internship coordinator
  • Immediately inform your faculty coordinator if your site supervisor changes or if you run into any problems
  • Complete and submit all course assignments to the faculty coordinator by the assigned due date(s) (Construction students will complete the online Canvas course)

Intern –  Upon Completion of the internship:

  • Complete the Student Evaluation of Internship form.

Faculty Internship Coordinator:

  • Determine if the student intern meets qualifications for an internship
  • In consultation with the student, based on the specific internship, determines additional learning objectives in addition to standard course learning objectives.
  • Assign required assignments.
  • Visit the internship work site during the semester to meet with the supervisor and the intern
  • Read, evaluate, and grade the intern’s assignments and final paper and submit the internship grades on time. Grading for the construction program internships will be on the regular grading scale (A,B,C,D,F).
  • Be available to help the student develop the internship, provide networking ideas, assist in creating resumes and cover letters, and provide instruction on interviewing
  • Review and approve student internship.
  • Notify academic division office of the approved internship and request course be put on schedule.

Site Supervisor:

  • Help in the creation of and then approve the student’s learning objectives
  • Supervise and be responsible for the student during the internship
  • Assign challenging tasks and projects that will promote the achievement of the student’s learning objectives
  • Provide constructive feedback, positive and negative, to the intern on a regular basis
  • Complete the final online evaluation of the intern. Instructions will be provided in an email sent near the end of the semester.
  • Allow time for a ½ hour work site visit, in which you (the site supervisor), the intern, and the faculty coordinator will assess the internship.