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2017-2018 Catalog Year
Associate of Applied Science

The Construction specialization of the AAS Technology degree provides industry-specific training that addresses topics of critical importance to subcontractors, general contractors, superintendents and project managers. Students will study contract administration, coordination, negotiation, quality control and the management of labor resources, equipment and materials.

Salary: $28,180–$53,160 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth

Good To Know: Changes in building technology may increase the need for construction personnel. Employment depends on economy and layoffs may occur during times of low construction activity.


The purpose of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Technology is to provide employment-related knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a chosen field of study.

Student Outcomes:

Students who complete programs in occupational areas are expected to demonstrate they:

  • know the subject matter appropriate to the emphasis of the degree.
  • communicate effectively and appropriately, in oral and written form.
  • locate, evaluate and properly utilize the tools and resources appropriate to a technology professional.
  • acquire skills and perform tasks necessary for employment or career advancement.
  • an appreciation of the importance of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues.
  • an appreciation of the need and importance of lifelong learning.

A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Program Requirements36 Units (Credits)

CONS 111Commercial Building Codes3
CONS 108Construction Materials and Methods4
CADD 100Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting3
CONS 118Construction Contract Documents3
CONS 120Blueprint Reading and Specification3
CONS 121Principles of Construction Estimating3
CONS 205Construction Site Safety2
CEM 100Fundamentals of Construction Management3
CONS 281Construction Planning Scheduling And Control3
CONS 290Internship in Construction3
SUR 119Construction Surveying3
CONS 109Construction Materials and Methods II4

General Education Requirements24 Units (Credits)

English/Communications Requirement
Recommended: BUS 107, must include a writing course
Human Relations Requirement
Recommended: BUS 110
Humanities/Social Science Requirements3
Mathematics Requirement
MATH 126 or higher
Science Requirement3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements3
General Elective3

Suggested Course Sequence

Program Requirements: 60 Credits. Please see a counselor or academic advisor for more information.

1st Year

First Semester: 16 Credits

CEM 100 3
CONS 108 4
ENG 101 3
Human Relations Course 3
Science Course 3

Second Semester: 16 Credits

CONS 109 4
CONS 120 3
ENG 102 3
MATH 126 or higher 3
SUR 119 3

2nd Year

Third Semester: 14 Credits

CADD 100 3
CONS 111 3
CONS 118 2
General Elective 3
Humanities/Social Science Course 3

Fourth Semester: 14 Credits

CONS 121 3
CONS 205 2
CONS 281 3
CONS 290 3
U.S./Nevada Constitution 3