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2018-2019 Catalog Year
Technology-Machine Tool
Associate of Applied Science

All Degrees & Certificates

The Machine Tool specialization of the AAS Technology degree provides competency-based training for students who are interested in working in the machine trades field as a machinist, CNC programmer or machine operator. Hands-on learning is a focus of the courses students take in this industrial technology specialization.

Salary: $28,330–$47,090 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth. Jobs available due to difficulty finding skilled workers

Good To Know: Often work with computerized numerical control (CNC) machines


The purpose of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Technology is to provide employment-related knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a chosen field of study.

Student Outcomes:

Students who complete programs in occupational areas are expected to demonstrate they:

  • know the subject matter appropriate to the emphasis of the degree.
  • communicate effectively and appropriately, in oral and written form.
  • locate, evaluate and properly utilize the tools and resources appropriate to a technology professional.
  • acquire skills and perform tasks necessary for employment or career advancement.
  • an appreciation of the importance of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues.
  • an appreciation of the need and importance of lifelong learning.

A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Program Requirements36 Units (Credits)

DFT 110Blueprint Reading For Industry3
MTT 105Machine Shop I3
MTT 106Machine Shop Practice I2
MTT 110Machine Shop II3
MTT 111Machine Shop Practice II2
MTT 230Computer Numerical Control I4
MTT 232Computer Numerical Control II4
MTT 250Machine Shop III3
MTT 251Machine Shop Practice III2
MTT 260Machine Shop IV3

Program Electives (Choose 7 units of the following courses)7 Units (Credits)

AIT 101Fundamentals of Applied Industrial Technology4
MTT 261Machine Projects1-6
MTT 262Machine Shop Practice IV2
MTT 292Computer-Aided Manufacturing I4
MTT 293Computer-Aided Manufacturing II4
MTT 295Work Experience1-6
Any MTT course1-6
Related WELD or other technical/trade course1-6

General Education Requirements24 Units (Credits)

English/Communications Requirements
Recommended: BUS107 Must include a writing course
Human Relations Course
Recommended: BUS 110
Humanities/Social Science Requirements3
Mathematics Requirement
Recommended: MATH 110
Science Requirements3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirement3
General Elective3

Suggested Course Sequence

Program Requirements: 60 Credits. Please see a counselor or academic advisor for more information.

1st Year

First Semester: 14 Credits

English Course (BUS 107 Recommended) 3
Human Relations Course 3
MTT 105 3
MTT 106 2
Science Course 3

Second Semester: 14 Credits

DFT 110 3
English Course 3
Mathematics Course 3
MTT 110 3
MTT 111 2

2nd Year

Third Semester: 15–16 Credits

Humanities/Social Science Course 3
MTT 230 4
MTT 250 3
MTT 251 2
Program Elective 3–4

Fourth Semester: 16–17 Credits

General Elective 3
MTT 232 4
MTT 260 3
Program Elective 3–4
U.S./Nevada Constitution 3