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2018-2019 Catalog Year
Associate of Business

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The Associate of Business degree is designed for students who intend to transfer with junior status to a four-year college or university for a bachelor degree in a business-related field. Satisfactory completion of an AB degree guarantees completion of the lower division general education requirements at UNR, UNLV, NSC, and many other colleges and universities.

All courses counting toward this degree must be university transferable. Courses with a number under 100 (such as ENG 95) are not applicable toward this degree. Courses that are not transferable are indicated with a non-transferable course attribute in the myWNC course catalog. A maximum of six units of special topics classes in one subject area may apply toward any WNC degree. See a counselor for the most current information about transferring to another institution.


The purpose of the Associate of Business degree is to provide the academic knowledge and skills for successful transfer to meet higher education goals.

Student Outcomes:

Students who have completed the Associate of Business Degree at WNC are expected to demonstrate that they:

  • Evaluate the impacts of economic systems and policies
  • Summarize, record, analyze, interpret and communicate accounting and financial information for decision making.
  • Devise, implement and evaluate marketing (management) decisions, actions and outcomes.
  • Describe the changing landscape of the global market and its impact on the United States
  • Summarize the impact of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues within contemporary business.
  • Have met the general education student learning outcomes.

A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Program Requirements

Note: If a student does not meet the prerequisite for MATH 176, MATH 126 may be used as a degree elective and should be taken in the first semester.

Transfer Requirements or General Electives: 12 units

Students should take courses that meet requirements for their major at their intended transfer school. Students planning to transfer to the University of Nevada Reno, should obtain a transfer handout from WNC Counseling Services or the UNR Transfer Center.

Recommended: BUS 101. For UNR transfer: COM101 or COM113, and two courses from Anthropology 101, Political Science 231, Psychology 101 or Sociology 101.

General Education Requirements

English/Communications Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Fine Arts Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Course may not meet the fine arts requirement at all universities. Please see a counselor.

Humanities Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

UNR Transfer students: Include as least one of the following courses: CH201, CH202, HIST105, HIST106, PHIL200, PHIL207

Science Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Note: Completion of CHEM121, BIOL223 and BIOL224, and BIOL251 fulfills the science general education requirement.

U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements – 3 units.

Must meet both requirements

  • Core Humanities: 203
  • History: 111
  • HIST 101 and one of the following: HIST 102, HIST 217, PSC 100, PSC 208
  • Political Science: 101, 103