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2018-2019 Catalog Year
Associate of Business

All Degrees & Certificates


The purpose of the Associate of Business degree is to provide the academic knowledge and skills for successful transfer to meet higher education goals.

Student Outcomes:

Students who have completed the Associate of Business Degree at WNC are expected to demonstrate that they:

  • Evaluate the impacts of economic systems and policies
  • Summarize, record, analyze, interpret and communicate accounting and financial information for decision making.
  • Devise, implement and evaluate marketing (management) decisions, actions and outcomes.
  • Describe the changing landscape of the global market and its impact on the United States
  • Summarize the impact of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues within contemporary business.
  • Have met the general education student learning outcomes.

A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Program Requirements

Note: If a student does not meet the prerequisite for MATH 176, MATH 126 may be used as a degree elective and should be taken in the first semester.

Transfer Requirements or General Electives: 12 units

Students should take courses that meet requirements for their major at their intended transfer school. Students planning to transfer to the University of Nevada Reno, should obtain a transfer handout from WNC Counseling Services or the UNR Transfer Center.

Recommended: BUS 101. For UNR transfer: COM101 or COM113, and two courses from Anthropology 101, Political Science 231, Psychology 101 or Sociology 101.

General Education Requirements

English/Communications Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Fine Arts Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Course may not meet the fine arts requirement at all universities. Please see a counselor.

Humanities Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

UNR Transfer students: Include as least one of the following courses: CH201, CH202, HIST105, HIST106, PHIL200, PHIL207

Science Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Note: Completion of CHEM121, BIOL223 and BIOL224, and BIOL251 fulfills the science general education requirement.

U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements – 3 units.

Must meet both requirements

  • Core Humanities: 203
  • History: 111
  • Political Science: 103