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2018-2019 Catalog Year
Associate of General Studies

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The Associate of General Studies has increasingly been utilized by students who intend to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Although it was not designed for transfer, it can be used for this purpose if courses are selected carefully. The majority of the courses chosen should transfer to fulfill core and major requirements.

It is recommended that anyone planning to attend the University of Nevada, Reno complete ENG 101 and 102, MATH 120 or a higher level math, and science/social science courses that fulfill UNR’s core curriculum requirements.

In some cases, courses may not transfer to other Nevada community colleges and Nevada State College or other colleges and universities. See a WNC counselor for the latest transfer information. Courses with a number under 100 (such as ENG 95) are not applicable toward an Associate of General Studies degree.

A maximum of six units of special topics classes in one subject area may apply toward any WNC degree.


The purpose of the Associate of General Studies degree is to provide academic knowledge and skills for personal growth, professional advancement, and/or successful transfer.

Student Outcomes:

Students who complete an Associate of General Studies degree at WNC are expected to demonstrate that they

  • have met the general education student learning outcomes.
  • know the subject matter appropriate to their fields of study.

A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

English/Communications Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Must include a three–credit writing course.

Fine Arts and Humanities Requirements: 3 Units (Credits)

Mathematics Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Science Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Social Sciences Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements: 3 or 6 Units (Credits)

General Electives: 36 or 39 Units (Credits)

Students may choose from any occupational or general education courses to be used as electives for this degree. Some non–traditional credit approved by Admissions and Records may be applicable to satisfy course requirements for occupational degrees, while other such credits may be used as electives for the AGS and AAS degrees only. Students planning to transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno should use the UNR core curriculum guide to satisfy general education requirements.