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2017-2018 Catalog Year
Construction Management
Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Construction Management provides associate degree students, new students and skilled workers an educational route toward a career as a construction manager or supervisor. The 120-unit program combines knowledge in construction methods, planning and project management with business and supervisory skills. This program allows those who have completed an associate degree in construction technology to progress academically and earn a bachelor’s degree. It also allows those already working in the construction field to enroll in an applicable baccalaureate degree program and expand career advancement possibilities. Students must meet with a counselor and be admitted into the program.

Salary: $63,300–$97,900 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Above average growth; Changes in building technology and policies may increase the need for construction managers.

Good To Know: Construction managers are often self-employed. Those with a bachelor's degree will have the best job prospects.


The mission of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Construction Management is to prepare students for entry level and mid-level positions within the various construction industry disciplines, and to meet the goals of the Division.

Student Outcomes:

Upon completing the Construction Management Bachelor of Applied Science program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge in basic economic principals, business principals and construction accounting, finances, and law
  • Exposure to the design theory and analysis of construction practices and systems
  • Understanding of the utilization of available resources for construction planning, methods and materials
  • Understanding, skill and knowledge of construction documents, communications, graphics, and surveying
  • Skill and knowledge in construction accounting, estimating and bidding practices
  • Ability for planning and scheduling a construction project
  • Application of relevant administrative skills, ethics, safety practices, and problem solving techniques to construction management

A minimum of 120 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Business and Management Core Requirements12 Units (Credits)

BUS 101Introduction to Business
ACC 201Financial Accounting3
Choose 3 units of the following economics courses:
ECON 100 Introduction to Economics3
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 103Principles of Macroeconomics3
Choose 3 units of the following management courses:
MGT 323 Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Behavior3
MGT 367Human Resource Management3

Program Requirements63 Units (Credits)

CADD 100Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting3
CEM 100Fundamentals of Construction Management3
CEM 330Soils and Foundations for Construction3
CEM 3503
CEM 432Temporary Construction Structures3
CEM 451Construction Estimating3
CEM 452Construction Cost Control3
CEM 453Construction Scheduling3
CEM 454Heavy Construction Methods and Equipment3
CEM 455Construction Management Practice3
CEM 485Construction Law and Contracts3
CONS 108Construction Materials and Methods4
CONS 109Construction Materials and Methods II4
CONS 111Commercial Building Codes3
CONS 118Construction Contract Documents2
CONS 120Blueprint Reading and Specification3
CONS 121Principles of Construction Estimating3
CONS 205Construction Site Safety2
CONS 281Construction Planning Scheduling And Control3
CONS 451Advanced Internship in Construction3
SUR 119Construction Surveying3

General Education Requirements45 Units (Credits)

Capstone Courses9
Fine Arts3
Mathematics and Science
a minimum of 4 units in mathematics and 6 units in science
Social Sciences3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution3
General Electives

Suggested Course Sequence

Program Requirements: 120 Credits. Please see a counselor or academic advisor for more information.

1st Year

First Semester: 15 Credits

CEM 100 3
CONS 108 3
ENG 101 3
MATH 126 or higher 3
Science Course 3

Second Semester: 15 Credits

CONS 109 4
CONS 118 2
CONS 120 3
ENG 102 3
Mathematics Course 3

2nd Year

Third Semester: 15 Credits

CADD 100 3
CONS 111 3
CONS 121 3
General Elective Course 3
Humanities Course 3

Fourth Semester: 14 Credits

CONS 205 2
CONS 281 3
Economics Course 3
SUR 119 3
U.S./Nevada Constitution 3
Business/Management Course 6
English/Communication Course 3
Fine Arts Course 3
Science Course 3
Business/Management Course 3
CEM 330 3
CEM 350 3
CEM 432 3
Social Science Course 3
Business/Management Course 3
CEM 451 3
CEM 453 3
CEM 454 3
CEM 455 3
Capstone Course 9
CEM 452 3
CEM 485 3
CONS 451 3