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Crisis Communication Resource

As a feature of our excess liability insurance with Chartis, WNC can access the Abernathy and McGregor Group’s crisis communication professionals during an emergency.

This professional advice through a 24 hour crisis hot line would be of most value to our executive committee and our public information officer. The hot line is most useful in unplanned circumstances that threaten public perception such as facility disasters, compromised computer security, major employee issues or campus violence.

Abernathy and McGregor’s focus is to:

  • Deal with the crisis itself.
  • Communicate in ways that limit the spread of the problem.
  • Reassure those most directly involved.
  • Start the organization on the road back to normalcy.

An example that Abernathy and McGregor gave during a recent video conference pertained to the Northern Illinois University campus shooting. The university was holding regular press conferences and thirty nine (39) press (satellite) vehicles were on campus. When they stopped the press conferences at the recommendation of Abernathy and McGregor, the thirty-nine (39) press vehicles left, tension on campus eased, and the return to normalcy began.

We plan on adding their 24-Hour Hot-Line number to WNC’s Confidential Emergency Contact Card.