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Fast Track

WNC Student hard at work

WNC offers designated college courses via Internet or interactive video at a discounted rate to high school students. Fast Track courses generally cost only $50 plus lab fees where applicable. Only courses that are designated as Fast Track are offered at this reduced rate.

Steps for Students

  • Complete application for admission with the High School Authorization Form in Admissions and Records (Bristlecone 101)
  • Register for a Fast Track class
    • Search the class schedule for Fast Track classes or see the links below.
    • Call numbers will be provided by high school counselor or WNC counselor

Students below the junior level of high school must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be identified as academically talented by the designated high school official, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis for approval in enrollment in credit courses by the Director of Admissions and Records.

Interactive Video Classes

  • Take place in a classroom where the instructor is filmed and can interact with students in another classroom via television connection.

WNC Online Classes

  • Conducted online through the WNC Online (Canvas) site
    • View Canvas tutorials
    • View Canvas first time login instructions
  • Critical information about online classes:
    • You must take the initiative to go through all the steps to get started with the class!
    • Online classes are not faster or easier that traditional college classes
    • You must be ready to begin the class (signed up through Canvas, etc.) by the first day of the semester
    • Pay attention to deadlines for assignments, quizzes and tests and make sure they are submitted by the due date (otherwise the computer will not accept them)
    • Let the instructor know if you have any question or concerns about the class

Where to go for Help

Tricia Wentz

TitleCoordinator Of Outreach/counselor
DepartmentCounseling Services
OfficeCarson City Bristlecone Building Room 104