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Return of Title IV

If you withdraw from ALL your classes before completing more than 60 percent of the semester, or receive all F’s, I’s and/or W’s, you will be required to return all unearned federal funds.


If you receive federal financial aid and withdraw from ALL of your classes before completing more than 60 percent of the semester, you will be required to return any unearned federal funds. The Financial Assistance Office will perform a Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculation. Federal work-study earnings are excluded from the calculation.

Your withdrawal date will be:

  • The date you notify the Financial Assistance Office that you intend to withdraw, or
  • The midpoint of the semester if you leave without notifying the college, or
  • Your last date of attendance in class.

Students who receive all F’s, all I’s or a combination will be considered unofficially withdrawn. The last date of attendance documented by the instructor in the Student Information System will be used to determine the withdrawal date.

Within 30 days, we will notify you of any funds you may owe, or offer you any earned funds which were not disbursed. Using your withdrawal date, the Financial Assistance Office will calculate how much of the federal aid you have earned.

The amount that the college has to pay to the federal program will be charged to your student account and you will need to repay it to Western Nevada College. Students who have loans will return funds in accordance with the terms of the promissory note.