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WNC Foundation Scholarships

Each year, WNC awards scholarships to students on the basis of academic criteria or any combination of academics, field of study, financial need, activities, community service, and other criteria. The General WNC Foundation Scholarship application for 2018/2019 is now open.

Graduate Dillon Hekhuis smiles at his family at the 45th annual Western Nevada College Commencement ceremony.

Generally, in order to be selected to receive a campus-based scholarship, a student must:

  • meet the specific selection criteria for a particular scholarship program
  • be enrolled in a minimum of six units, unless otherwise requested by the donor
  • have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, unless otherwise requested by the donor
  • have financial need as determined by completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a requirement for many scholarships.

Students awarded a scholarship will have their award disbursed to their student account only when a thank you card has been received for the donor and in accordance with semester disbursement dates. Please be aware that scholarships of $500 and more will be disbursed in two equal payments (fall and spring) unless otherwise requested by the donor. Students must meet the minimum GPA criteria for a scholarship in order to receive the second disbursement.

Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship

In 1999, Gov. Kenny Guinn’s Millennium Scholarship initiative was enacted into law by the Nevada Legislature. Each Millennium Scholarship is worth up to $10,000.

A student attending WNC and using his or her Millennium Scholarship must enroll in a minimum of nine eligible credits and will receive a maximum of $40 per credit hour for lower-division credits (100-200 level) and $60 per credit hour for upper division credits (300-400 level). This scholarship is for up to 15 credits of 100 level and above courses per semester. Contact the Office of the Nevada State Treasurer to request complete information and all eligibility criteria.

Outside Scholarships

The following is a list of scholarships available through outside organizations.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Be advised that the scholarships listed on this page are not offered, administered or awarded by Western Nevada College. Although the college attempts to assure that the links listed are legitimate and reputable sources, and the college lists them as a means of making scholarship information available to students, the college cannot guarantee the validity of any claims made by these organizations on their websites. Accordingly, students should be cautious in providing personally identifiable information on internet sites and should report suspicious sites to the college. Western Nevada College is not responsible for how personally identifiable information you provide in pursuing scholarships may be used.