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High School Students Can Learn Construction Trades, Earn College Credits at WNCC

Posted: August 18, 2004

High school students interested in learning about the construction trades can still register for fall classes at Western Nevada Community College that earn both college and high school credits. The Builders Association of Western Nevada provides tuition assistance of up to $500 per year for high school students enrolled in the construction technology program.

The courses earn credits toward associate degrees at WNCC and for the bachelor of technology degree in construction science offered by WNCC and the University of Nevada, Reno.

These WNCC classes are specifically scheduled so they do not conflict with high school class times. Students come to the WNCC campus every other day from 12:30-2:30 p.m.: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, one week, and Tuesday and Thursday the following week. The WNCC program begins the week of August 30. Students must apply for admission to WNCC and register on the college web site at

The construction technology courses earn five college credits per semester. The fall semester courses are CONS 108B, Construction Practices, and CON 216B, Structural Layout and Assembly, which cover proper construction sequencing, inspections and required testing. About half of the course time is spent in hands-on assembly of an actual dwelling unit. Students will learn correct layout procedures for flooring systems, walls and roof systems, as well as the integration of the structural components.