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Carson High School

Jump Start Application

Application packets are available in the Guidance Office at Carson High School. Please contact your school counselor or call the CHS Guidance Office at 283-1915 for more information.

Costs and Payments:

Please contact your high school counselor for more information.

Fall 2017 Textbook Requirements:

NOTE: For Fall 2017 Textbook Requirements please contact the wnc bookstore.

Important Contacts

Tasha Fuson

School Carson High School
Title Principal
Phone 775-283-1930

Cindy Reyes

School Carson High School
Title Counselor
Phone 775-283-1915

Tricia Wentz

Title Coordinator of Outreach / Jump Start Counselor
Department Counseling Services
Phone 775-445-3269
Office Carson City Bristlecone Building Room 103