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Jump Start Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition assistance varies by high school. The estimated cost for tuition and books per semester at Western Nevada College is $1,900. Most high schools offer some level of tuition and/or textbook assistance, but amounts vary by school and year. Please contact your high school counselor or administrator for current information. Scholarships may be available, varies by semester.

If you are a Jump Start College student who attends a high school that pays 100% for this program, please disregard the Payment Due Date Alert.

If you are a partial paying public school student or a homeschool Jump Start College student, you are responsible for payments to this account. All accounts should be paid in full as soon as possible. You will not be able to register for the next semester’s classes, until your account is paid in full.

Yes. Dropped classes will impact a student’s high school and official college transcripts, and may jeopardize high school graduation. Dropped classes also may impact future college Financial Aid. Therefore, students are required to consult with their high school and WNC Jump Start counselors prior to making any schedule changes.

Yes. Western Nevada College is a regionally accredited college, and all Jump Start courses will transfer to colleges within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE): including UNR, UNLV, TMCC, GBC, and NSC. Many colleges outside of Nevada will accept WNC transfer credits and transfer degrees. For these outside institutions, it’s more a question of how credits will transfer, rather than will the credits transfer. Students will meet with the WNC Jump Start counselor each semester for advisement regarding course enrollment and transfer degrees.

More information on college transfers can be found on the WNC website at

After you enroll in classes through your MyWNC Account, there will be a link to the bookstore on your MyWNC class schedule page. Click on the link and you will see lists of books for each class. Some students will have their books provided by their high school, other students will need to purchase their own books. If you are purchasing your books, you may use the ISBN number of the required book to either rent or buy the book from the campus bookstore or any other textbook provider.

Yes. Jump Start College students may participate in sports at their zoned high school, and are required to maintain grade requirements for eligibility. Please be aware that some college courses only have a few assignments, so grade updates may only occur a few times throughout the semester and could affect sports eligibility.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult with their college instructors regarding any planned absences. It is at the discretion of the instructor to make exceptions for turning assignments in early or completing a test prior to the absence.

Jump Start students may also get involved in Student Government and other volunteer organizations and clubs on campus.

View Student Clubs

A WNC identification card allows access to Dini Student Center services and discounts from local businesses. Faculty, staff and students may be issued a WNC ID card.

ID cards can be obtained at the Student Center Desk, located in the Dini Building at WNC Carson City. A current government issued form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport is required.

For information, call the Joe Dini Student Center Staff at 775-445-3218.

Yes.This means Jump Start students may have class when high schools do not and vice versa. All Jump Start classes will follow the college academic year. The academic college year can be found at

No. Parents and guardians cannot look at or request a student’s grades without the student’s permission. This is due to the federal law that protects student privacy – the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, Jump Start students and parents who choose to have supportive, open communication about grades tend to perform better in their college classes and feel less overall stress.

Each student seeking a degree or a certificate of achievement is require to submit an online Application for Graduation to Admissions and Records and pay a $25 graduation fee. Students enrolled in the last required class(es) should apply at the beginning of that semester.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester – November 1
  • Spring Semester – March 1
  • Summer Semester – June 15

As students are preparing to transfer WNC credits to other post-secondary institutions they will request official transcripts on the WNC website, Admissions and Records transcripts page.

View Transcript Information