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Student Resources

Students may use the Student handbook as a guide in their college experience. The Student Handbook provides information on eligibility, college resources, inclement weather, financial aid, and much more.

Jump Start students enroll in courses each semester with the approval and assistance of the WNC Jump Start Counselor or an appointee. Counseling and career planning services are also available.

Schedule an appointment with the Jump Start Counselor by going to our scheduling app at

WNC Jump Start instructors use a platform called Canvas for grade reporting, and in some cases it is used to communicate announcements regarding assignments and course resources. Canvas provides access to both online and flex courses.

The mission of Western Nevada College Academic Skills Centers (Carson and Fallon) is to provide full academic support and community to students in the form of free tutoring and computer use with the intention of helping students become active and independent learners.

The need for strong essay development is not restricted to college English classes. Writing is a significant component to many college courses, and students often struggle with the process of creating a solid essay. WNC’s new Writing Center aims to get students on track to improved writing, as well as better brainstorming and thought development, which are important parts of essay creation. Access this resource to improve writing across the curriculum.

Hours of operation for the Writing Center are Monday though Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The center is located in Bristlecone Room 332.

Students may use the Joe Dini Library and Student Center on the WNC Carson Campus for research, study and computer access.

Students in the Fallon area may use the Beck Library on the WNC Fallon Campus, which has 13 computers available for student use.

WNC has bookstores on the Carson and Fallon campuses. The bookstores offer more than just textbooks – shop for Wildcats gear, gifts, school supplies, trinkets and more!

Jump Start College students may use the services provided by the Disability Support Services office, whose philosophy is to empower students to be successful in obtaining their educational goals. By providing necessary support, the DSS office can help you attain your academic, vocational and personal goals at WNC. Disability Support Services (DSS) provides qualified students with disabilities equal access to higher education through academic support services, technology and advocacy in order to promote their independence, retention and graduation.