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Graphic Identity

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The marketing success of WNC depends partly upon its ability to communicate strategically with many different audiences as a cohesive institution. A graphic identity system visually conveys who is “speaking” throughout many different mediums – advertising, business cards, letterhead, news releases, newsletters, signage, video production, web site, etc.

The college owns its name and logo, insignias, designs and symbols associated with or referring to the college. These symbols may be used without charge by any official unit of the college, for college business.

Manufacturers or service providers who wish to use the college’s symbol and/or name must obtain written permission from the Director of Information & Marketing Services.

Western Nevada College Logo


WNC Masthead

Western Nevada College Logo



Wildcat Logo

WNC Wildcats

Wildcat Logo A

Wildcat Logo B

Wildcat Logo C
Single color application only

Western Nevada College

Wildcat Logo D
Use only when there is not space for the full WIldcats logo


W Logo

The “W” logo must be on the front page or top of your piece with the name of the college, typeset in Helvetica Narrow Bold Italic. The “W” logo may be used in positive or reversed version. Use the official blue color logos whenever possible; may be reproduced in black.