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Web Publishing at WNC


Web pages published by individual faculty or staff members are not considered “official” college pages. These pages may be linked from the official college site, but they are understood to represent the perspective of an individual rather than the college as a whole. The college is not responsible for developing, monitoring or maintaining pages published by individual faculty or staff members. For more information, see the WNC Web Publishing Policy.

Departments and College Entities

Web pages published by WNC administrative departments, academic units, and related college organizations are considered “official” college pages. These contain information pertaining to college programs, services, and core institutional functions.

Official pages are required to use standard templates provided by the college and should conform to the guidelines outlined in the WNC Web Publishing Policy. To have a new Web page created for your department or academic unit, please contact the WNC Webmaster at

Student Organizations

Student Organizations recognized by the Associated Students of Western Nevada (ASWN) are allowed to publish Web pages which will be linked to the Student Clubs and Organizations section of the WNC Web site. Organizations may publish their own pages, or they may provide their information to the college webmaster and have the pages created for them. For details, contact the WNC Webmaster at