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Policy 1-1-1: College Council and Policy and Procedure Development

WNC Policy 1-1-1
Procedure: College Council and Policy and Procedure Development
Policy No.: 1-1-1
Department: President's Office
Contact: Assistant to the President

WNC shall operate under policies and procedures recommended by the College Council and approved by the College president. These policies and procedures shall conform to NSHE Code, Nevada Revised Statutes, and other regulatory directives.

  • Section 1: Composition and Purpose of College Council
    • A. College Council members shall be:
      • 1. Non-voting Members:
        • a. President (Gives final approval or veto of recommendation from voting members; serves as tie breaker if ever necessary)
        • b. Assistant to the President, Records
      • 2. Voting Members:
        • a. Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
        • b. Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
        • c. Vice President of Special Projects & General Counsel
        • d. Academic Faculty Senate Chairperson
        • e. Adjunct Faculty Member
        • f. Administrative Faculty Senate Chairperson
        • g. Classified Council Chairperson
        • h. SPFIE Committee Representative
        • i. ASWN President
        • j. WNC Foundation Director
        • k. Dean of Student Services
        • l. Academic Directors Representative
    • B. College Council’s purpose is to:
      • 1. Review and recommend approval of new policies and procedures for WNC’s policy manual;
      • 2. Consider and vote on proposed modifications to or deletions of existing policies and procedures;
      • 3. Serve as a vehicle for sharing information and discussing issues as well as disseminating information from College Council meetings to the college community at large.
    • C. College Council shall meet once a month throughout the academic calendar year (September through May).
      • 1. In April and October of each year, College Council will hold an Open Forum, during which College Council business can be conducted, but is not required.
        • a. The College Council Open Forum serves as method to reach the college-wide community to provide updates, information and address any questions faculty and staff may have.
  • Section 2: Definitions
    • A. Approval Authority: The College Council is the recommending authority for all additions, revisions, or deletions of policies/procedures, as authorized by the College President and subject to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approval.
    • B. College-Wide: includes information of interest to the entire College community. It is recommended that departmental procedures/policies be placed on departmental web pages.
    • C. Originating Department: is the responsible division/department authorized to implement and/or modify the usage of the policy/procedures.
    • D. Contact: is the position responsible for maintaining, reviewing, revising, modifying, and answering any inquiries regarding the policy/procedure.
    • E. Policies: are broad guidelines that chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted and may include why and how much. A policy has the following characteristics:
      • 1. States goals, purposes, and aspirations.
      • 2. States how the Board of Regents and the College operate.
      • 3. Assigns responsibility or authority to the President.
      • 4. Establishes the position of the Board of Regents or the College on a topic of concern.
      • 5. Only the Board of Regents and administration have the authority to set policy.
      • 6. Answers the questions what and why, rather than how.
    • F. Policy Number: is the assigned administrative chapter and sequential number of the Policy/Procedure. The official policy number is assigned by the President's office.
    • G. Procedures: provide detailed directions developed by a responsible party/review authority to put policy into practice. They tell how, by whom, where, and when things are done. A procedure has the following characteristics:
      • 1. Sets forth mechanics for implementing policies
      • 2. Lists specific do's and don'ts
      • 3. Lists required step-by-step instructions
      • 4. Answers the question how, rather than what and why
    • H. NSHE Code: The Code shall establish the primary organizational structure of the System and the basic personnel policies for its faculty. In institutional bylaws, procedures, and regulations the Code shall prevail.
    • I. The Nevada Revised Statutes: The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are the actual Laws.
    • J. The Nevada Administrative Code: The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) are Rules and Regulations.
  • Section 3: Requirements for All Policies and Procedures
    • A. All policies or procedures must include:
      • 1. Policy/Procedure Name
      • 2. Policy/Procedure Number
        • a. The official number will be assigned by the President’s Office.
      • 3. Originating Department
      • 4. Contact Position
      • 5. References contained within the policy or procedure, e.g., NSHE Board of Regents Code, Board of Regents’ Meeting Minutes date, NAC/NRS, and other, etc.
      • 6. Copies of any referenced forms or documents.
    • B. The format of the policy or procedure must be consistent with the general Policies and Procedures format. (See the Policy Manual on the WNC website.)
    • C. For policies or procedures with modifications, an electronic document with changes marked in red should be submitted to the Assistant to the President in order to ensure all changes are easily identifiable within the document.
    • D. Policies and procedures shall be reviewed at minimum every five years by the contact from the originating department to ensure:
      • 1. A policy or procedure is consistent with current practice and that current practice and aligned with current NSHE Board policy;
      • 2. Any references contained in the policy or procedure are correct and current (e.g., NSHE Board of Regents Handbook or Procedures and Guidelines Manual, NRS);
      • 3. The contact and originating department listed for the policy or procedure are still accurate;
      • 4. Spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Section 4: Adding, Modifying or Deleting a Policy or Procedure
    • A. A proposal to add, modify or delete a policy or procedure must be submitted by the contact from the originating department to the Assistant to the President in order to be included on the agenda for the next College Council meeting for which an agenda has not already been released.
      • 1. Any proposal to delete an existing policy or procedure must be accompanied by a brief statement regarding the justification for its deletion.
    • B. Any proposal to add, modify or delete a policy or procedure must have been done in consultation with all individuals who share responsibility for this policy or procedure, including the head of the originating department.
    • C. Proposals will be distributed via email by the Assistant to the President to the college community within 7 calendar days of the College Council meeting wherein it will be presented.
    • D. All proposed policies, new, modified or for deletion, must be reviewed by the bodies represented in College Council and action must be taken within 60 calendar days.
  • Section 5: Approval of Policies and Procedures
    • A. New and modified policies and procedures or proposals to delete a policy or procedure shall be recommended by a majority vote of the College Council and approved by the College President.
  • Section 6: Distribution of College Policies and Procedures
    • A. Approved policies and procedures shall be available in the College's libraries.
    • B. Approved policies and procedures shall be available on the College's web site.
    • C. Approved policies and procedures shall be distributed by the President's Office via e-mail attachment to the college community within 7 calendar days of approval by the College Council.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted October 9, 2001 Dates Revised May 8, 2018; May 14, 2013; September 2, 2008; November 21, 2006; January 25, 2005; May 11, 2004
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook

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