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Policy 1-10-3-2: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Biennial Review Procedures

WNC Policy 1-10-3-2
Procedure: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Biennial Review Procedures
Policy No.: 1-10-3-2
Department: President's Office
Contact: Assistant to the President
  • Section 1: PROCEDURES
    • A. The biennial review of the college’s drug and alcohol abuse prevention program is compiled at the direction of the President in the summer/fall every two years.
    • B. The biennial review will be conducted with input from a committee comprised of:
      • Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (who shall chair the committee)
      • Dean of Student Services
      • Director of Public Safety
      • Director of Human Resources
      • Director of Disability Support Services
      • Title IX Coordinator
    • C. The committee will look back two years in assessing the effectiveness of the program and in ensuring consistent treatment in the enforcement of the college’s disciplinary sanctions.
    • D. The committee shall prepare a report of findings and recommendations for each review and maintain its biennial review reports and supporting materials and make them available to the Department of Education and interested parties upon request.
    • E. The committee shall prepare biennial review report in 2018 and every two years thereafter.
    • F. The biennial review report shall be approved by the President.
    • G. The committee shall hold at least one meeting in the summer/fall of each year that a biennial report is not being produced.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted October 18, 2018 Dates Revised
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Date Printed: September 15, 2019