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Policy 11-3-17: Workers Compensation Program

WNC Policy 11-3-17
Procedure: Workers Compensation Program
Policy No.: 11-3-17
Department: Environmental Health & Safety
Contact: Environmental Health and Safety Officer

WNC fully supports the right of every employee to file a workers' compensation claim when a work-related injury or occupational disease occurs.

  • Section 1: Introduction
    • A. The purpose of this document is to guide WNC employees and supervisory staff through the workers' compensation process should an employee suffer an injury or develop an occupational disease.
    • B. This document defines the local approved Workers' Compensation emergency and urgent care providers. This will allow employees to respond during an emergency or time of medical need.
    • C. This document also provides contact information for the campus workers' compensation coordinators that can answer your questions or refer you to the Workers Compensation Office at Business Center North.
    • D. Filling of a legitimate workers' compensation claim is not to be used as grounds for disciplinary actions against an employee. The only exceptions to this are:
      • 1. The employee refuses to return to work in a modified duty assignment
      • 2. It is determined by the insurer that the employee misrepresented his or her claim
      • 3. The employee knowingly works outside his or her limitations while on modified duty
  • Section 2: Emergency Workers Compensation Procedures
    • A. If an employee is injured or ill from a work related accident and his supervisor or the employee believes that the condition needs emergency medical treatment, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911.
    • B. If the employee needs immediate medical treatment, but it is not a medical emergency, arrange to transport the employee to the nearest urgent care facility. (See Section 3 below)
    • C. If the injury is minor and only requires first aid treatment, provide first aid provided you have proper training.
    • D. The employee has the right to seek medical treatment if they wish. If the employee declines medical treatment, and the supervisor strongly feels that medical treatment is necessary, the supervisor may direct the employee to seek medical treatment.
    • E. If an accident occurs that results in a fatality, please contact your campus Environmental Health and Safety Office 775-445-3327 and the Business Center North Workers' Compensation Office immediately 775-784-4394.
    • F. If the employee's condition does not require emergency or immediate medical treatment, the employee or the supervisor can contact their campus' workers' compensation office.
  • Section 3: Additional Guidance
    • A. For additional guidance including forms and procedures contact:
      • 1. At the Carson Campus contact the Environmental Health and Safety Officer at 775-445-3327 and the Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management and Planning, at 775-445-4225.
      • 2. At the Fallon Campus contact the Administrative Assistant, External Programs, 775-423-7565.
      • 3. At the Douglas Campus contact the Coordinator, Academic and Student Affairs, 775-782-2413 ext.5225.
    • B. They can supply information on:
      • 1. whether an employee is covered,
      • 2. what forms need to be completed, or
      • 3. where to send an injured employee.
      • 4. They can also provide you with a complete list of providers.
    • C. Carson Campus
      • 1. For Emergencies and all accidents that require medical treatment after 6 pm:

        Carson Tahoe Hospital
        77 Fleischman Way
        Carson City, NV 89703
        Telephone 775-882-1361

      • 2. Authorized Occupational Health/ Urgent Care (8am to 6pm only; outside of these hours go to Carson Tahoe Hospital).

        ARC Clinic
        2874 N. Carson St. #135
        Carson City, NV.
        Telephone 775-883-7855

    • D. Fallon Campus
      • 1. For Emergencies and all accidents that require medical attention call 911 or proceed to the:

        Churchill Community Hospital
        801 E. Williams Avenue
        Fallon, NV 89406
        Telephone 775-423-3151

    • E. Douglas Campus
      • 1. For Urgent Care first call Carson Valley Medical Center Phone 775-782-8181 (to see if an approved Doctor can see you).
      • 2. The Carson Valley Medical Center is open Monday to Friday, hours may vary.
      • 3. For Emergencies or when the Carson Valley Medical Center does not have Medical Staff available proceed to the Carson Valley Emergency Room their telephone is 775-782-1600. They are open 24 hours. They are both at the same street address.

        Carson Valley Emergency Room
        1107 Highway 395 South
        Gardnerville Nevada 89410
        Telephone 775-782-1600

Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted July 1, 1989 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
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NRS Code NRS 616C
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