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Policy 15-1-3: Outstanding and Honored Administrative Faculty Awards

WNC Policy 15-1-3
Procedure: Outstanding and Honored Administrative Faculty Awards
Policy No.: 15-1-3
Department: Administrative Faculty Senate/Honors
Contact: Chair, Administrative Faculty Senate

WNC sponsors an annual award for administrative faculty employed at .50 FTE or higher.

  • Section 1: Award
    • A. The award, including a plaque and a monetary amount if funds are available, will be given during the fall welcome back week to the top candidate.
    • B. The remaining top candidates will be recognized as "Honored Administrative Faculty" during the fall welcome back week.
  • Section 2: Qualifications
    • A. The following are the minimum qualifications for consideration:
      • 1. Employed as an Administrative Faculty Member for a minimum of two years continuous service at .50 or more.
      • 2. Employed at WNC during the fiscal year being nominated.
      • 3. Annual evaluation with ratings of "Fully Effective" or above.
      • 4. Have not received the award during the past three years.
  • Section 3: Nominations
    • A. Each spring, the Administrative Faculty Senate will open a time period to request nominations for the current fiscal year via a written nomination form.
    • B. Any member of the WNC faculty, staff, and students may submit nominations.
    • C. The nominator will be asked to describe why the candidate should receive this recognition.
    • D. Nominations should be based on dedication above and beyond the normal scope of duties.
    • E. Guidelines for nominations may include:
      • 1. Concern for the College and its goals.
      • 2. Service in the work area, which may include creativity, initiative, accuracy, dependability, timeliness and quality.
      • 3. Exemplary demonstration of attitude, availability, cooperation, courtesy, friendliness, and helpfulness toward fellow employees, students, and the public.
      • 4. Continuous development that enhances the services provided by an area.
      • 5. Participation, which could include involvement within or outside the college, which is beyond the scope of regular duties.
      • 6. Outstanding professional development.
      • 7. Other considerations.
  • Section 4: Committee
    • A. A committee composed of two (2) administrative members of the Administrative Faculty Senate, one (1) academic faculty member, and one (1) classified conducts the selection process.
    • B. Based on the criteria, the committee will make a selection of the top candidates.
    • C. The selection will remain confidential until the award is given.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted July 11, 2008 Dates Revised May 3, 2012; September 2, 2008; September 18, 2007; May 11, 2004
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