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Policy 3-3-1: Cooperative Work Experience

WNC Policy 3-3-1
Procedure: Cooperative Work Experience
Policy No.: 3-3-1
Department: Instruction
Contact: Division Chair

Cooperative work experience (CWE) is available to students in certain program areas. A maximum of 6 credits may be applied toward a degree program as elective credits. These credits are not transferable to UNR and UNLV. Cooperative work experience courses must have a training agreement form with final rating scores in the college record system.

  • Section 1: Procedures
    • A. When a student enrolls in cooperative work experience, the cooperative work experience coordinator ensures the development of a training agreement for the student. The training agreement states competency based learning objectives. These objectives are developed with input from the work supervisor.
    • B. This agreement is filed in the CWE coordinator's office.
    • C. Upon completion of the course the CWE coordinator ensures completion of the final rating of the competency based learning objectives as well as a final evaluation form addressing work attitudes and behaviors. These written reports specify satisfactory completion of the obligation and activities in the student training agreement.
    • D. These reports are filed with the CWE coordinator.
    • E. Upon completion of the CWE course, a grade sheet is submitted to the appropriate Academic Director's office.
    • F. The grade sheet is forwarded to the admissions office.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2005
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