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Policy 3-3-2: Tech Prep

WNC Policy 3-3-2
Procedure: Tech Prep
Policy No.: 3-3-2
Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Contact: Academic Director

The following policy outlines procedures for articulation and processing comparable course work between WNC and secondary institutions in WNC's service area. The type of articulation, 2+2 articulation, enables qualified high school students to earn college credit for successfully completing articulated high school classes.

  • Section 1: Articulation
    • A. The WNC administration, faculty, the Tech Prep Coordinator and Tech Prep Consortium will identify occupational, vocational and high technology areas of study for articulation.
    • B. The WNC faculty member and high school teacher will exchange curricula, course and competency requirements for any course to be articulated.
  • Section 2: Articulation Agreements
    The validation process for articulation agreements will be:
    • A. The high school instructor will submit the following:
      • 1. Course outline
      • 2. Course objectives/competencies/outcomes
      • 3. Methods of instruction/strategies
        • a. Student evaluation process - procedures for measuring competencies and outcomes
        • b. Instructional materials
    • B. The WNC faculty member will compare competencies from the high school curriculum to the college course competencies. If the WNC faculty member determines that the competencies are equivalent, the articulation agreement will be written.
    • C. Articulated courses must be reviewed and renewed or terminated every three years.
    • D. Articulation agreements will obtain the following signatures:
      • 1. WNC faculty member from the program area articulated
      • 2. High school teacher from the program area articulated
      • 3. Tech Prep Coordinator
      • 4. High school principal
      • 5. Academic Director from the program area articulated
      • 6. Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Section 3: Recruitment of Students
    • A. The WNC Tech Prep Coordinator will actively recruit eligible students.
    • B. The Tech Prep Coordinator will function as the liaison between WNC faculty and staff, high school faculty and staff, and the Department of Education, State of Nevada.
    • C. WNC staff will assist interested students in the completion of required documents for admission to the Tech Prep Program and WNC.
    • D. The Tech Program will maintain records on each student and will provide copies of records to Admissions and Records when a student enrolls at WNC.
  • Section 4: Credit for Classes
    • A. In order for a student to receive credit for classes that have been formally articulated, the following process must be followed:
      • 1. The student must pass each articulated course/class with a grade of 'B' or higher.
      • 2. Tech Prep staff will collect high school transcripts at the end of each course/class for all registered Tech Prep students in each articulated class.
      • 3. Grades will be transcripted at WNC when the qualifying high school student successfully completes an articulated class.
    • B. Students may complete up to 21 WNC credits through the Tech Prep program, or no more than 50% of a WNC program (which ever number is lower).
    • C. Students will receive the same grade for the WNC course as they did for the articulated high school tech prep class.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised June 19, 2013; September 7, 2010; September 2, 2008; September 27, 2004; May 11, 2004; August 26, 2003
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NSHE Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes: 12/03

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